2019 - Dev tool for username reservation on landing pages for projects under construction (Django, Javascript, SQLite)

By 2019, I had my fair share of projects under my belt I could be proud of.

Naturally I had found similar "creators" like myself on the internet.

The most fitting of these was the IndieHackers community. I listened to their podcast twice a day on my commutes. Hearing of solo/duo founders making >$10k per month off side projects was enough motivation to keep going down this rabbit hole.

Creating products for developers was proving to be quite popular on sites such as Product Hunt and Indie Hackers.

I ideated Urgenc.xyz. And probably built it in a few days using Django.

This was a plug and play script you could inject on your landing page HTML to allow visitors to reserve their usernames while you develop the project. It was supposed to create a sense of urgency.

My first true SaaS monthly pricing was born. Packages included one project, or up to 5 projects, or the most important enterprise plan which you had to "contact us" to discuss further.

Hassan Tahir