rrrroll 2.0

rrrroll 2.0

2020 - Redesigned and developed rrrroll.com from ground up (Django, React, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS, Next.js)

My eye for design and UX along with decision making for testing ideas through MVPs had matured significantly since 2017 and the original rrrroll.com product.

I was definitely embarrassed of the original 2017 project in terms of design and execution.

In 2020, I had seen a lot of project start using TailwindCSS to produce very pleasing products, I had to learn this and apply it to a project.

In addition, a new data communication layer was on the rise: GraphQL.

Revisiting my decision to use Django - I was sure it was the backend to go for, but I had become aware that most projects with Django in production limited it's use to the backend only as an API via Django-REST-framework. Gone was the Django monolith.

This allowed flexibility with the frontend to use a most suitable javascript framework of choice such as React + Next.js.

I was excited to learn and try out these new skills in this new build.

I completely scrapped the old code base and started afresh. I wanted to stick to the lean principles in testing an idea so cut away all the fat from the initial build in terms of features to focus on the core functionality.

This was my first real "modern tech stack" and I knew it was the way forward for future projects.

Hassan Tahir