2015 - iOS app serving as a gig marketplace for photographers videographers and editors (Swift, ParseHub)

After having a taste of the sweet creator serotonin off the back of Impulse, I wanted to create once more.

This time I wanted a build an app with a real purpose rather than a game.

During my second year of uni I came up with the idea of Mozayk. Its purpose would be to connect photographers, videographers and editors with people who needed their services.

A two-sided marketplace.

And in terms of a business model - each city would have a featured page which service providers could pay to boost their profile on for maximum visibility. Profitability sorted...

Since my last app a year prior, Apple had released Swift, a new proprietary programming language for developing Apple apps.

It seemed much nicer and friendly so I decided to take the opportunity to learn a new language while building this idea.

This was also the first time I needed not only to develop the app but also spin up a backend to store data. Luckily, Parse was a free backend I could use for this in a no-code manner. Parse was later shut down by Facebook and open sourced.

My main marketing strategy for this would be to intercept all Twitter posts with relevant keywords such as "looking" AND "dm" AND "photographer" to spam them with an invite to the platform.

Inevitably I ran into the chicken and egg problem that most two sided marketplaces run into.

Hassan Tahir