Hi, I'm Hassan 👋

I'm a builder at heart working towards opportunities to achieve my longer term founder goals in the startup ecosystem.

I love building products. I love Maths. And I love AI. As a consequence, I've organically found myself at the intersection of machine learning and software development as a Full Stack Machine Learning Engineer.

Currently I'm a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at a series B startup in London building AI powered SAAS products from idea to production.

My ML experience involves working with cutting edge architectures in NLP such as transformers used in language models including GPT-3 to build state of the art text classifiers.

I have a technical background having graduated from UCL in Mathematics, class of 2017.

Despite the ever present pull from the banking sector, I had by that point been building websites and apps for more than 7 years. Along with inspiration from The Social Network movie and hearing founder stories, my fate had been sealed to found a startup.

I recognised I needed to experience the startup journey first as an insider. So I joined Chattermill after graduating. It was a 6 person startup at the time and I helped in growing to it to 80+ people over multiple funding rounds and shaping the company for success through hiring and building successful teams.

Outside of work, I enjoy sharpening my full stack development skills by working on various side projects and hackathons. This also helps me to be self-sufficient in churning MVPs for ideas that come to mind. I mainly work with React, Django, Pytorch, Next.js, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, TailwindCSS.

I am also a big F1 fan and enjoy watching all race weekends with keen interest. In addition, I enjoy watching and playing most sports. Currently I am learning to swim which is my main physical goal.

If you think I can help you in any way please contact me through my socials below:

If we live in the same city, I am also open to coffee chats (I don't drink coffee, so will substitute for something unhealthier).

Take care.