Having followed the Web3 scene explode, my interests in distributed ledger technology stemming way back from 2014, enticed me enough to learn how to build smart contracts (Solidity) and try my hand in building for Web3.

As part of a Web3 hackathon organised by ZORA, I built an event RSVP platform which could allow entry to events based on attendees' ownership of certain tokens. e.g. a Bored Ape.

This was around the time of NFT NYC 2022, and given the massive amount of events being advertised with similar token requirements, I thought this would be something useful.

Organisers could create events and define token requirements for entry. Then they could display the QR code to be scanned by attendees at the door.

By scanning the QR code - attendees would allow the app to search the connected wallet for certain tokens required for entry. This would display a visible tick or cross to indicate to the door person of entry decision.

WalletConnect was used to allow access to users' wallet safely.

ZORA API was used to query the blockchain for ownership of token.

Supabase was used as a backend to store events and attendees list, which would be useful for later airdrops.

Frontend was built in React / Next.js

Hassan Tahir