Copy FPL

Copy FPL

In 2021 I started playing Fantasy Premier League.

This is a 9 month game which tracks the English Premier League. Every game week (38 game weeks) the player has to select the best possible team with the funds available and the limits imposed.

There is a 650k community for this game just on Reddit alone. The subreddit has a pinned post every day named "Rate My Team" (RMT). In this daily post, members can get advice on their team.

The only way to share your team is to write it down in a painstaking but useful format as below:

Raya - (Ward)  
Trippier - Henry - Estupiñán - (Zinchenko) - (Chilwell)  
Mitoma - Saka - Rashford - Mac Allister (V) - (Martinelli)  
Toney (C) - Kane - Haaland  
£0.0M ITB

The brackets indicate players left as substitutes. Captain and vice-captains as well as money in the bank (ITB) are indicated too.

Writing this down manually takes around a minute for a seasoned hand. However it is very mind numbing.

To address this pain point, I created Copy FPL, which takes your team ID and fetches your latest public team selection. It then formats this as above and copies it to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

This was a small project, but the most tedious part was adjusting to reddits default text box formatting on desktop vs mobile. On desktop they deafult to the "fancy pants editor" whereas on mobile this editor is not available. This requires thinking around how to get a universal solution for new lines which works on both.

I personally use this every week to get advice on my team, and enjoy the google analytics weekly seeing returning users.

Hassan Tahir